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The ALIMAX modular truck body construction system
About the ALIMAX system
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Medium-sized ALIMAX box body ALIMAX box and Luton bodies represent the future of truck body construction. Bodies made using traditional construction methods suffer from panel damage due to thin alloy cladding, unreliable fastenings that move, delaminate and leak, corrosion in steel framework, and slow delivery times due to labour intensive methods.

Wairau Truck Bodies designed and developed the proprietary ALIMAX interlocking aluminium panel system to solve these problems, offering several key advantages over comparable truck body construction methods.

Durable - double the usual wall thickness and an interlocking construction that's not reliant on rivets to hold the panels together.

Good looking - smooth fastener-free exterior with modern, clean lines as a result.

Cost-effective - efficient modular construction providing faster construction time and the benefits of lightweight, rust-free aluminium.

ALIMAX bodies come with a full range of floor, interior, tail lift and side and rear door options, including container doors and high quality sectional roller doors. Doors are constructed from the same extrusions as the body, providing the same clean exterior finish and high strength, lightweight characteristics.

ALIMAX box with side container doors and rear Whiting door

We can apply a full range of high quality two-pack paint finishes to your specification.

exterior surfaces are fastener-free and ideal for vinyl signwriting.

Walk-through tool van with sliding door
Clean lines and clear surfaces - walkthrough retail tool sales van, fully fitted out with custom shelving, interior lighting and inverter/single phase power for running a computer and printer.
Luton body in rental fleet
Durability ideal for heavy duty applications such as rental operation. Reduced repair costs and insurance claims.

ALIMAX is the only system that offers all of these features, plus "Duragal" high strength zinc-coated steel framing in the high stress areas of the sub frame and door openings, and one-piece aluminium coil roof cladding.

Internal view of ALIMAX construction
ALIMAX construction - internal view
ALIMAX interior

Modular construction
Carpet battens and tie rails
Finished interior - carpet battens and tie rails for furniture transport

Ask us for a quote and let us take you through the options.

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